Final Leinster Senior Averages 2011

by coverpoint

Complete list of Division 1 and 2 averages in alphabetical order

Overall Averages 2011 by Gerry Byrne.doc (121.50 kb)


Final Leinster Senior Averages 2011 - Gerry Byrne

Final Leinster Senior Averages 2011.doc (36.00 kb)

Comments from Gerry Byrne:

The season has finished for Divisions 1 and 2 and therefore these are the final averages to be issued for this season. Also we now know the winners of the individual trophies.  Before I start, may I take this opportunity to thank all the scorers, without whose efforts, often perhaps unsung, I would not have the information to provide these to you.


The qualification to be eligible for the Marchant Cup is 600 runs.  There were 4 who qualified by reaching this figure, and congratulations in this regard to all 4.  Winner with the best average is Andre Botha of Terenure.  This is Andre's third time to win the Marchant Cup, having previously done this in 2004 and 2006. Runner-up was Josh Reeves of North County.  John Anderson of Merrion pipped Andre as the heaviest run scorer with 780.


The qualification to be eligible for the O'Grady Cup is 30 wickets.  Four bowlers passed this mark in 2011. However two were Overseas Players, and therefore not eligible for the O'Grady Cup. This leaves the winner, in what I understand may well be his last season in Leinster cricket, as David Langford Smith. This is his second time to win the Cup, having previously done so in 2004. He and Matt Petrie jointly are the leading wicket takers with 35.

Catches in the Field

There is no specific minimum number of catches needed to win the Solomons Cup. All that is needed is to take more than anyone else! The man to do that this year is the same one that did it last year, though 10 was sufficient to win it then.  This is David Langford Smith who therefore adds the Solomons Cup to the O'Grady Cup above.

Wicket Keeping

Again the Hopkins Cup has no minimum requirement and the winner is the keeper who takes most dismissals in the season. As I have mentioned a number of times in sending out weekly figures, Paul Tweddle and Rohit Bahl were tied at the top for a number of weeks and the possibility of a tie was looming.  Unfortunately for Rohit illness and injury meant he missed matches at the end of the season and Paul eventually won the trophy comfortably with 29 dismissals, in this his first season in Leinster Cricket. In fact the top 4 in this section were all having their first season or first full season.  A special mention to Patrick Tice of Merrion in doing so well at a young age.  No doubt his chance will come again.  Finally a mention again of Dara Armstrong who became the leading Leinster wicket keeper of all time this season. Unfortunately he missed a lot of the season through injury and therefore the chance to battle it out to seek to add yet another Hopkins Cup to the 10, yes 10, he has already won.

All Rounders

The competition for the Samuels Cup remained tight to the end, though for the first time for a number of weeks there was no change in position among the top 4.  They ended up with less than 100 points between them.  The winner was Dominic Joyce of Merrion, followed by Josh Reeves (North County) Andre Botha (Terenure) and John Anderson (Merrion). The fact that apart from the Samuels Trophy they were also in contention in at least one other cup indicates how truly they were All Rounders.






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